Newsletter - June

From Pastor’s Desk

Over the last several months I have been discussing how to pray. I gave an outline of what prayers can look like. We did not discuss WHEN to pray or WHERE to pray.

Answering the question of when and where should you pray, I think it is helpful to use an analogy. I often find people who work out regularly do it the same time every day, and have a specific workout routine. I think approaching our Christian life in a similar manor can be helpful. If you find a good time and place to pray in your house I would encourage you to try praying in that same place at the same time each day for a week. If it works try it for another week. If that works try a month. You might be surprised that once you get in the habit of doing something you begin doing it without thinking.

What should you do with that time? I would encourage you to take your bulletin home each week. That gives you three readings to do, or you could begin reading a book of the bible; maybe a few chapters. Then I would encourage you to pray after the reading. If you look at your small catechism you will notice there is a Morning Prayer, and an Evening Prayer. Depending on what time you are praying, you can decide which prayer to use. The Morning Prayer asks us to face our day knowing we are God's redeemed Children. The Evening Prayer invites us ask forgiveness for our sinful behavior, and ask God forgiveness. [I think it is also good to pray before each Meal.] - Rev. Jacob Stuenkel

Our Seminarian

Our Seminarian student adopted by St. Peter Lutheran Church has received his Vicarage assignment. A Vicar is a placement for one year as an assistant to a Pastor. Ryan Pumphrey will be the Vicar at Lutheran Life Village in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Online Prayer Requests

You may now make online prayer requests! Click HERE and click on: “HOW CAN WE PRAY FOR YOU?” All Forms submitted will be privately sent directly to Pastor Stuenkel.

424 Garage Sale & Orphan Grain Train


Orphan Grain Train will be hosting their yearly fundraiser during the 424 Garage Sale Event on June 6-7-8 at the Fire station in Florida. This is the one and only fundraiser that OGT does for the year. Money raised is used for fuel and transportation funds to get the donations to the needy areas. So how can you help OGT in their efforts? They are looking for the following items to sell: Household & any type of garage sale items (no clothing please); Bake sale items. They are also in need of volunteers – those who can help collect and set up the items for sale and those that can assist during the event as salespeople. They also serve lunches during the event. Finally – take time to stop by and purchase an item, baked good or lunch! Contact Nancy Helmke @ 419.758.3539.

Monday Night Out At The Barn Restaurant At Sauder Village

The LWML invites all our members to join them for a Dutch Treat Monday Night Buffet at THE BARN RESTAURANT on JUNE 10, 2019 at 5:30 PM. Please mark your calendars now and advise Sharlene Bunke on or before June 4, 2019 if you can come. Tell her personally or by phone at 419-782-9136