Newsletter - May

From Pastor’s Desk


Over my last few newsletter articles I have been encouraging everyone to pray more this year. I believe one of the reasons we don’t pray a lot, is we don’t know how to.

I have been suggesting an outline to use for Prayers. I have already suggested you begin with an ADDRESS. In the Lord’s Prayer, Our Father is an address to Our Father in Heaven. You follow an address with a Rational. In the Lord’s Prayer our Father who art in Heaven is the Rational. He is in Heaven so He can see everything and knows everything. You can then add what we call a Petition. These are the Things you actually pray for, so it’s sometimes called the requests. Then came The Benefit; this is what we hope is accomplished by our prayer.

The next part of a prayer is the Termination or sometimes called the conclusion. The termination is what you end the prayer with. It can be very simple, “in Your name we pray, Amen.” This might seem simple enough, but it sometimes is very beautiful way to end a prayer. The Termination often times takes on a very Trinitarian character. For example some prayers end like this: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning; is now, and will be forever. Amen.

We usually just end our prayers with AMEN. I do believe ending a prayer by readdressing God can help us remember who we direct our prayers towards. Do we just pray to any God, or do we direct our prayers towards the Triune God which is revealed to us in Scripture. I hope for all of us it’s the God we learn about in Scripture.

Thank you to the following who donated Easter flowers that decorated the Sanctuary!


Bette Weddelman – In memory of Bert Weddelman

Their Family – In memory of Paul & Lillian Franz

Her Family – in memory of Carol Franz

Karen Leaders – In memory of John Leaders

Frieda & Lavina Boesling – In Memory of Lisa Miller

Sharleen Bunke – In memory of Elmer & Ruby Bunke

Jacob Rausch – In memory of Paul & Dorothy Rausch and

Beverly Gerken

Mark & Debra Oberhaus – In memory of Art & Betty Botjer and


Leland & Loretta Oberhaus

Tom Meyer & Nelma Church – In memory of Melvin & Laura

Meyer and Glen Church

Alice Knepley – In memory of Ken & Aly

Jim & JoAnn Arens – In memory of Floyd & Emma Scheele

Betty Hoy – In memory of Jim Hoy and Alex Kuser

Renata Von Deylen – In memory of Don Von Deylen

Mary Ann Ramey – for Family who have gone to the Lord

Russ & Sherry Krueger – In memory of John Leaders

St Peter – Memorial Day @ Florida

The Florida Volunteer Fireman are planning to have a chicken barbecue on Memorial Day, May 27th. Our church members will be helping. We will need food and workers. Watch for more information in the bulletins.

Orphan Grain Train

Orphan Grain Train will be hosting their yearly fundraiser during the 424 Garage Sale Event on June 6-7-8 at the Fire station in Florida. This is the one and only fundraiser that OGT does for the year. Money raised is used for fuel and transportation funds to get the donations to the needy areas. So how can you help OGT in their efforts? They are looking for the following items to sell: Household & any type of garage sale items (no clothing please); Bake sale items. They are also in need of volunteers – those who can help collect and set up the items for sale and those that can assist during the event as salespeople. They also serve lunches during the event. Finally – take time to stop by and purchase an item, baked good or lunch!


Greeting from Preschool!

Can’t believe we’ve reached the last month of school for the 2018/2019 school year!

April was busy with our monthly library visit. Bible lesson with Miss Evie, visit from firefighter Kyle Richards and his fire truck, and our annual St Judy Trike-a-Thon next week!! We’re also working on our numbers and have had the themes of weather, caterpillars, Easter, space and lions! May will be busy as well as we start to prepare for preschool graduation!

Our spring open house was a huge success in April. Lots of new families and we’ve enrolled a lot for Fall already! We love Preschool!

In God’s Blessings, Julie Rees