Making a difference, one knot at a time.

   Making a difference, one knot at a time...

      Once a month a few of our church members gather together for fellowship in order to help those in need.  We call them "The Knotters."  These ladies graciously take time out of their day knotting and crocheting.  Most of their materials are found from Goodwill, garage sales and scrap fabric from the Grain Train.  Judy Helmke and Bette Weddelman sew 10 inch blocks together before they begin the knotting process.  Their blankets have been donated to the Grain Train, Filling Home, Henry County Hospital OB, Defiance Sheriff Department and the Genacross Lutheran Services - Napoleon Campus.

     Frieda Boesling likes to sit to the side and crochet blankets for babies.  Frieda’s blankets are included in hospital care packages that are assembled for needy mothers of newborns from the Henry County Hospital.  A typical care package includes: onesie, sleeper, bib, hat, socks, burp rag, thermometer, bottle, towel, washcloth, card, sweater and blanket.  

     Our knotters donate 36x36 Binky Patrol Comforting blankets for children.  Deputies from Defiance County Sheriff Department keep a Binky Blanket in their patrol cars.  The deputies give them away to children who are ill abused or if they have experienced any type of an at the scene trauma from a car accident.  

God bless these volunteers who are making a difference!

*Donations of sheets or light weight blankets are welcome!*

Pictured below (left to right): JoAnn Arens, Ruth Block, Frieda Boesling, Lavina Boesling, Judy Helmke and Bette Weddelman  *not pictured: Sharlene Bunke