Newsletter - January

From the Pastor’s desk


Its 2018, Happy New Year! It is a new year, and that somebody, somewhere is probably claiming this is the year Christ comes back. In 1999 and in 2012 everyone was predicting the world would end. In those years, they could not have been more wrong. So how should we Christians handle predications about the end of the world? We should be highly skeptical of such predications. The Bible clearly teaches no one knows. Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:36 "But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only” (ESV). If the angels in Heaven do not know when the second coming will be, how in the world do ordinary people? The truth is they do not know when the world will end, and neither does anyone else. Yet, just like any year, this could be the year of Christ’s Second Coming. For Jesus’ coming will be like a thief in the night. For that reason we await his coming with repentant hearts. Not like a cop waiting for a criminal but like a bride awaits for the coming of her bridegroom.


I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Pastor Stuenkel


It’s a new year. It’s a time when we take stock of the year past in order to improve the year to come. It’s a time when we sit down to plan and implement what we want to accomplish and even change. Part of that is planning our stewardship. Often we find this difficult and daunting and even joyless. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it is really quite simple and full of joy. We don’t particularly struggle to give to society or family our struggles arise in giving to the church.


Your pastor is the one called to preach the Gospel to you and administer the Lord’s blessed sacraments to you. Your congregation is the place where those things happen. Thus, when God calls us to give to the church, He has the local congregation in mind.  How much do we give to the local congregation? Our only instructions are these: to give regularly, proportionally and generously of our first fruits with a spirit of eagerness, earnestness, cheerfulness, and love.  We give regularly keeping in mind our own strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.


It’s that easy. And it is joyful. For in stewardship, our gracious and giving Lord invites us to take part in the work that He accomplishes here on earth, providing for the ongoing preaching of the gospel as well as those who are in need. Taking part in that makes all our work holy – work that is done in service to the Lord as priestly members of His kingdom.

An LCMS Stewardship Article


St Peter Council

President – Tom Meyer

Vice President – Tim Buchhop

Recording Secretary – Nancy Conrad

Board of Trustees – Ben Weddelman, Marty Helmke, Mark Oberhaus

Board of Elders – Dave Conrad & 1 Vacant

Treasurer – Jon Block

Financial Secretary – Judy Meyer

Board of Witness, Outreach & Stewardship –

Bette Weddelman, Deb Oberhaus


Building Improvement Fund Treasurer – Judy Meyer

Sunday School Superintendent – Vacant

Financial Review Committee – Dave Conrad

Marvin Michaelis, JoAnn Arens

Endowment Fund  Committee – Ruth Block, Steve Franz, Nancy Michaelis, Larry Retcher, Jim Meyer


Ushers -  Josh Scanes, Tony Mullett, Bethany Mathers, Rollen Zachrich, Pam Jones, Steve Franz, Cole Watson

Christmas Committee – Brad & Kristen Leaders

Morning Meditations Representative – Ruth Block

LLL Representatives – Steve Franz, Jim Meyer

Circuit Forum Representative – Tom Meyer

Filling Home of Mercy Delegate – Jim Meyer




Thank you to everyone in both churches that helped to make the Christmas Season a wonderful experience!

The Sunday School Staff, Children, Choirs and Musicians for the beautiful performances on Christmas Eve.

The Decorating Committees and those that donated Poinsettias to beautify the Churches.


Greetings from Preschool!

We had a wonderful and busy December in Preschool.   Most importantly we celebrated the wonderful time of year and the meaning of Christmas.   We had our monthly visit with Ms Barb from the Napoleon Public Library, a visit from Santa, made Christmas gifts for our parents and had our Christmas party.   Since the temps didn’t allow us to go outside - we brought snow INSIDE the classroom!   So much fun!  Pastor visits our classroom every Friday and shares a bible lesson with us - we always look forward to that.

December we also had our annual Cookie Walk.  Thank you to everyone who baked and/or purchased baked goods.  It was another huge success.   Thanks so much!